In this song I do lament
I lament over you.
For you where once the many but now you are the few.
Your tops will never, your tops will never scrape the blue.
Your glory gone just like an old mans faded tatoo.
Where has the kauri forest gone?
Oh the mighty have fallen?(repeat)

The saw is like a sword and many are the slain.
The trees were on the ground and over them stood Cain.
Over them we stood as if from G-d we had been ordained.
We took the wood and bled the amber from the vein.

Our crimes could be writen, written on a list.
For we were once the mad, the maddest landscapist.
No-one wanted to, no-one wanted to, to resist the defilement of such a beautiful virgin forest.

The time cannot heal, neither can it mend.
Our forest it is now so sadly orphaned. No birds will rest, rest in their branches, singing the morning chorus.
For we did sell, yes sell their greatness like a Judas.
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Where Has The Kauri Forest Gone? Lyrics

Shakhan – Where Has The Kauri Forest Gone? Lyrics