In the name of our fathers we came to destroy
We spread through your land like a plague
Blood on our hands, blood in the sand
Killing was our sacred trade

(Ooh) Torture awaits
(Ooh) No one escapes
(Ooh) pillage and rape
(Ooh) your castles in flames

A triumph of honour, a triumph of faith
I know that we will live on
Baptised in fire, never to kneel
Power and glory stronger than steel

From the distant land, we sing as we slay
Songs sung for ten thousand years
The joy of the slaughter, the love of the kill
We shall teach your children to fear

(Ooh) from ashes we rise
(Ooh) look to the skies
(Ooh) Swords in our hands
(Ooh) We shall ride again


Through glacial waters we set sail
We thirst for killing; we shall prevail
The blades of our forefathers clenched in our hands
We wage war for our icy northland

Valhalla awaits, mighty Odin reigns
The fear of the the fury of the northmen remains
From the land of the midnight sun we have come
Today is a good day to die
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Triumph Lyrics

Shadowlord – Triumph Lyrics