Your mind keeps talking now...
Your soul keeps trembling - somehow?

Sometimes I wonder - how does it feel?
Is there are reason to kill or is it just making I'll
To murder and to strangulate, to hesitate or resignate
Time is non toxic, but will never procreate?
The ability to heal and cure
The tempting reason to react no more
Masterminds, cluster-blindness
Can it be confident or obsolete kindness?

There is no tomorrow for the human race
As it comes down to us now - face to face
The lords of chaos, the rats of redemption
The killer's eye, the serpent's relention

What if I knew there was nothing to lean on?
Forever and never, again dismissed
Now it's time to understand, it's all a fake command
You gotta take your chance

Point blank in arrival, death's head a denial
Mass-bound aggression, a coming termination
In colourful speed, the line to exceed
Drowning, winding, wait and bleed
Escape-phenomenon or heat-shock ecstasy
Mass placebo or tormenting agony
The extinction level is set for you to dwell
Destruction of madness is here to steal
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Playing God Lyrics

Shadowcast – Playing God Lyrics