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The Indexing Lyrics

Shadow Of Intent – The Indexing Lyrics

All this time we ignored their pleas, fighting off waves of their regime
Ignoring the will of the defilers, an ever so lucid dream

Decisions left to the recreants with their gratuitous lies

This alarmist state of mind will bring only varied cost, inevitable obliteration by your old conductor's holocaust

Ignorantly, we follow with a destitute vision
Obsessing with being defaced into endless oblivion, how can we expect to repair society?

The populace is blinded by an unintelligent ideology, the council refusing to see through the rule of the builders
My plan would have worked you fools!

And now we're all infected, now we are all one with him
But the one who was left behind shall one day return to resurrect us

You cannot understand the present age through antiquity
Once she turns the key, we extinguish life
With all knowing certainty this is the end of our time
We all are the dead

I am the afterbirth of devastation's womb
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