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Intro Lyrics

SG Tip – Intro Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Marc B]
So, I wanna introduce myself first
I go by the name of DJ Marc B
And this is NWA
But let me tell you about my niggas
We niggas with ambition, right
(The fuck you mean you don't know DJ Marc B?)
Niggas grind, niggas hustle
But certain niggas ain't made for this shit
Y'all thought we wanted a handout?
Y'all thought we wasn't gon' grind for this shit?
What the fuck you mean?
I'm sorry for the wait
But I had to test y'all
I had to see if y'all was patient
Because the shit we bringing here right now
I ain't even gotta say no more
Tip, what the fuck goin' on man?
Stop playin' with these fuck niggas
Tell these niggas what we doin'

[Verse: SG Tip]
A lot of nights a nigga had to grind for it
A lot of nights a nigga did some crimes for it
Got partners down the road doing time for it
The shit a nigga seen, yeah it's mind blowing
I'm back in the trap with the grim reaper
Went from sleepin' on the floor to a fuckin' Caeser palace
That bitch a sack chaser, she ain't a fuckin' keeper
When it's cold on the block bitch I keep the heater
Ain't no switch side, ain't no flip side
Too much talkin', let the clip ride, make his bitch die
Tie his creek and let the whip slide, I'm screaming Fox 5
I gunned another nigga down, zone six the east side
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