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Scream When You Burn Lyrics

Sexy Teenagers – Scream When You Burn Lyrics

I swear to God it’s as simple as this.
Ignore all your instincts, and just smile through the shit.
Cause in the end it pays off like a knife through the chest.
Shattered dreams and broken promises are all I have left.
So I’ll drink to the sunrise, and sing in the rain.
Choke on my own bitterness and get drunk on the pain
That I’ve built from the inside, laid down brick by brick.
I swear to God it’s as simple as this.

No one said that this would be easy I never expected it to be.
But I never thought I’d have to fight for the air that I breathe.
So what do you do when the end doesn’t come?
Your glass keeps getting filled but you’re not having any fun.
And what do you say when your friends have all left?
The party’s long over and you’re pissed off at best.
Complaining won’t bring back each exit you’ve missed.
I swear to God it’s as simple as this.

Let this echo through time so you never forget,
This is us at this moment stifled screams and cold sweat.
Or take this to your grave, so you don’t have to remember,
Hating yourself and a wasted September.
Hold on to your fears, let sleeping dogs lay.
Keep telling yourself that you wanted it this way.
Mark your failures as wins, because no one’s keeping score.
Let everybody think you’re the same guy you were before.
These hands are wrapped around my neck,
Choked by my own fleeting regret.
Defined by what I haven’t done.
You want the scars, but not the blood.
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