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Psychosis Lyrics

Sever The King – Psychosis Lyrics

Countless voices haunt my mind
And there's no way to stop them
I'm sick of sleepless nights
And unfair compromises
Help me be set free
I'm trapped inside this insanity
This is my last chance
I'm reaching out to all of you
If you want out you must surrender your consciousness
On this you must decide
On this you must decide
This graveyard has taken over the world we once knew
Miles and miles of destruction and it still never ends
Self pity won't help now, everything is gone
Look at what you've become, look at the things you have done
Get out of my head
(get us out)
(kill yourself)
(grab the gun and point it to your head)
Let me go
I've spent too much time contemplating with myself
The constant struggle to free my mind form the cage inside my head
You can't run from your own demons
You won't make it far without us
No you won't make it far without us
This time I won't let it use me
I'm not a vessel for your countless mischiefs
You can take me down
But I promise that you will drown with me
I won't let them take me
This time I'm going to end it
No more will I feel this helpless
I've only one solution
I'll pull the trigger and escape to serenity
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