When there's a ship
Going down for every move you make
And a hum in your head
That's keeping you awake
Your high school heart
Is never satisfied
Kissing complicated ways to die

Little tongues under pressure
All we undermine
Keep your name on your shirt
And enemies inside
Move in closer into focus
Can you see the cracks
I know just how bad
You want it back

[Chorus: ]
Hey look at you now
You're like a flower growing up
From a concrete box
In the bottom of a plastic cup
Wishes you've had
Keep your head up
Because it's never as bad as you think
You think, you think too much
You think, you think, you think too much

Does every laugh seem die
In your gravity
Turns to dust
Do you sing a song and your free(?)
All the anxiousness and worry
In your shoulders tight
I know what we do with that tonight

[Chorus: ]
You might think about this room
Keeps on rolling
Feel the pavement shake beneath you
Pavement giving
Everything we hide
There's a little light inside

[Chorus: ]
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You Think Too Much Lyrics

Seven Mary Three – You Think Too Much Lyrics