With a lethargic heart it's getting much colder in here
Pound my lethargic heart
It feels so much older it won’t start
I can’t when my skeleton
Tries to crawl out from under my skin
Sometimes it feels like I’ll never, ever win.

And it feels like a million times just now
Or it fells like a trillion hours just passed
Over me, and through me, off of me
I’m so uncomfortable kill me
Reach into my chest a second time
Take my heart it can't be called a crime
Just rip, and pull, and tear it out
It’s almost dead it’s all burned out

Rip it out – it’s almost dead it's euthanasia

With my aging heart I’m almost saddened by you
But I’ll remember the time when I was much younger
And I had never been shaken then
And I can’t forget all those many, many times
Because of you I plugged into so many machines

With a congested heart it's just too hard to see clear
With these thickened veins
I’ll sit and smoke and wonder how it still works
And if I think of you I can hear this old heart sputter though
Sometimes it feels like I’ll never, ever, ever forgive you
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Euthanasia Lyrics

Seven Graylands – Euthanasia Lyrics