I saw a parade today
A caravan of colors
Sword swallowers and jugglers
And I just walked away
A marching band played covers
To an audience of lovers
Who held on to each other
But you were far away

And someone projected movies on a darkened city wall
Double feature but I reach out and the one I love is gone

And I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
I do, and I feel like wasting time

And if I sound pathetic I really don't care
I'm just talking to the air if you're not there

And I can't see the fireworks or the waving beauty queens
Or the dancing bears
What does it mean?
It can only mean...

And now the man is handing me a dozen free balloons
I let them drift into the night
They leave me just like you


My hands are in my pockets and I'm staring at the ground
And the sky if filled with rockets but it only brings me down
It only brings me down

The city's cold without you
The movie's cold without you
And I write songs about you and by the way I miss you

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I Miss You Lyrics

Seth Boulton & The Dream Machine – I Miss You Lyrics