Well I've said it a thousand times
And I'm telling you I'm fine
If I just hold on to this tiny threat
Then maybe I'll change your mind

I've got nothing left to say
And you'll always get your way
Except the second that you don't know what you should do
You better believe I'll be hiding behind you

And if you think that you've got me
Oh you think that you've got me
Well, you've got another thing coming!

Come on, oh come on, let's go there
We're standing on the edge of disaster
Come on, oh come on!
It's no wonder why you're pushed aside!

I can't believe, you do this to me
But it's all in my head

Living inside of the moment you died
Can I believe my questioning?
How I long for the answers?

This is what you wanted all along
I'm saying nothing like you did so willingly
You did so willingy!
You did so willingy!

Looks like we are at it again
Running around with the weight of the world
And you've got a lot of nerve if you say it's over
But it never ends no it never ends

Something has to change!
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I Am The One Who Knocks Lyrics

Set To Reflect – I Am The One Who Knocks Lyrics