Sold down the river
Left to be raised by Wolves
Black Market liver
Give up your horns and hooves
Left lying naked
Without a clue
Come like a hurricane
Strapped with a plastic gun
I’m on the front line, can’t feel no pain
Where am I supposed to run
You gonna be there when I go insane
I didn’t think so
So go and try to take me out the game.

Believe me when I say
I’m not coming back for more
It’s been a long hard road for free
And now I’m closing the front door
You tried to make me a puppet
Not gonna stand here looking weak
Time for me to go and blow on my trumpet.

Close your eyes.

You’re under pressure
Breaking a sweat
Make you feel the pain
Don’t touch the treasure
Before you leave me out in the rain.
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Shut The Front Door Lyrics

Sergeant Smythe – Shut The Front Door Lyrics

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