I've wanted to tell you, for so long
The way that I feel for you
Well maybe it's me, but I don't see no wrong
No in feeling the way that I do
Cause everytime I reach for you, you pull away
I can't think of anything to say
By looking at you, I realize

Heaven is in your eyes (3x)
This moment forever with you
A feeling so real and so true
Heaven is in your smile (3x)
I couldn't ask for anything more
Cause heaven is you,
Heaven is you

I wish I could show you, what I feel down inside
A love that is meant to be
But baby I'll fall, even though how I try
To set these feelings free
Cause everytime I hold you close, you turn away
I can't seem to find the words to say
By looking at you, I realize


When I look into your eyes, I see another place and time
And the loneliness inside will never stop until you'll be mine
Cause everytime I look at you, I realize


Heaven is you...
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Heaven Is You Lyrics

Serendipity – Heaven Is You Lyrics