Someone's laughing somewhere
As the saints come marching in
Pitter patter, splitter splatter
Your faith is wearing thin
Promise of a new day
Brings compulsion to vomit
Silent dust in the eye of god
Who's the relic on my sister's neck
Next, next
Revelations pandered
In the corner child sits
Glory be destiny
Ethics pale cold steel to wrists
Your disease is rampant
Disciple dogs smell a funeral feast
Gather round all ye angels of light
The accuser's decided to treat
Now can't you see - Nobody's home
Legions move swiftly over the fields
Chasing the thoughts of we the brethren
Who stand upon your shores of knowledge
Waiting to see with eyes past
Waiting to dance with angels chained
For we are one - One in the same
No - It's just flesh - It's just flesh
Watcher seeks the lonely
Takes the hand of a chosen few
Messenger why the tear in your eye
At thirteen I was dying for you
Now can't you see - Nobody's home
There's just nothing to save
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Relic Lyrics

Seraphim Shock – Relic Lyrics