I'm burning up and burning down and I can't help but burn everything around,
I'm so hot, I'm on fire, I can go higher, I can burn up the entire world,
I'm hotter than the sun, and I love this, am I really the only one?
You weigh about a ton, that kinda sucks, but why shouldn't I have any fun?

You take this too serious,
I just wanna fly, I just wanna drive, I just want to feel alive,
You're so scared of all of this,
I just wanna burn and not concern myself with every word,

I can't stay inside this room and pretend to be like you,
You're so boring, you just think, but you ever do,
Run, Jump, do something, anything is better than what we've been doing,
I'm gonna suffocate if you don't let me out of here,
We're living like prisoners when we should be kings,

We should be kings
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Johnny Lyrics

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