I've always know that I wasn't the same,
As all the other girls, so boring and plain,
I could pick up a car and move it around,
And then send it smashing back down to the ground,

You think you're the same, you think you're just like me,
But I think we all know there's nobody quite like me,
They say that I'm sick, that it's just a disease,
But if I wanted, I could bring the whole world to it's knees,

And I feel like there's somebody else living inside of me,
And I can't control it, this isn't what I wanna be,
There's a fire inside me, it's making it harder to breathe,
Somebody kill me before I destroy everything,

I don't want to break your heart, But I could tear your limbs apart,
No one can take what I've become, not even your adamantium,
The laser beams inside your eyes can tear the oceans from the skies,
But they just break, they cannot clean, can't tear the devil out of me,
You can see inside my mind, so you know I'm running out of time,
It won't be long before I'm gone and the Phoenix is the only one,
The only way that I can see to kill the other half of me,
Destroy the body that we share and stop us both from getting air,
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Jean Lyrics

Seneca – Jean Lyrics