I'm big and green, and ugly and mean,
And when people see me, they all start to scream,
I've become a monster, a killing machine,
Can somebody please get this thing out of me?

I know that you think that I can help you,
But I won't even be able to stop myself from ripping you to pieces,
Don't point that gun at me, Put it down,
Before the other guy comes out,
And makes a mess of you, and everyone around,

I'll put a bullet in my brain but he'll just spit it out again,
You can't just drop me from here and expect me to die,
To me this glass is paper thin, this cage will never keep me in,
Nobody is safe here a thousand feet in the sky,

You've got a shield and a suit and a hammer,
But you better pray to God I don't stop being Doctor Banner,
Your arms and your legs and your bow and your scepter,
Won't mean a thing if I lose even a little of my temper,

I'm starting to lose it,
I'll smash that shield in the palm of my hand,
And I'll grind that suit into nothing but sand,
You're making me angry,
So bring on the scepter, is that all you've got?
You won't stand a chance you puny little God,

I don't want to kill you,
I just want you gone,
But I can't just turn it off and on,

Please, you've gotta fight this, (I don't want to, I don't want to hurt you)
We're gonna be fine, (But you're in my way and I can't stop myself)
I swear on my life that I, (Please run, hurry)
I'm gonna help you, (Before I completely)
And we're gonna walk away, (Forget who you are and shatter everything around)
And never look back,
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Bruce Lyrics

Seneca – Bruce Lyrics