Birth of Uneasiness
Infinite throes, weariness
Intolerable painfulness
Punish for lasciviousness
Malicious son, he is born
Sempiternal death emperor
Beholding consanguinities, homicide
Caress to her son, matricide

Uninternmittent in eradication
Opposing the reproduction
Population tremendously decreased
Endure of this morbid disease
Affected genocidal brain
Relentless deathreign
Terrestrial globe's not vivacious
Internecine precarious

Oppression distressfully
Devastation unexpectedly
Mankind ascertains emasculation
Braincell disintegration
Worse encephalitis, lunacy
Disreputable feats, insipidity
Unremitting life decay
Mephatic earth, it passes away
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Devastating Empire Towards Humanity Lyrics

Sempiternal Deathreign – Devastating Empire Towards Humanity Lyrics