2 x Hook:
Moving while you're snoozing
Winning while you're losing
Up early in the morning doing what you aint' doing
Time to wake up and take your smell was growing
Up early in the morning doing what you aint' doing

Waking up where it is fuck in the morning
... No snoozing no yarning
No invaded by cat we used to be down
But for one reason another aint' gonna be where to be found
Make me wanna step at the... Runnin with...
You could feel like you're moving but you runnin and play
And they say given if you flow that we're rolling and bow
... For the profit send after results
So I'm looking at the calendar that's the start...
Make it... 'cause that abstract... Been
I don't wanna hear them lonely days but how they used to rock
This is for you to make... Take a future shot
That means to speak as hot like...
The man super high like...
Repetition works so I'ma drill it in your cranium

Every time kick it like spittin in the stadium

[2 x Hook:]

... That breakfast skinning with the check list
Far from the dark light it up like electric
Tryin break it down the... Please but they don't understand it
That mean you got a stack it to you got a... Bend it
Funny how your body ever want up a leave it
Tell this so real till the if I can dreamin
But not a revolution just lose the execution
The problem of a problem that speaking out of...
But I don't got my hand raised so listen out the...
As I market to the network right damn way
Creapin up with the competitive at
Stand the steady lean round like some sedative heads
They can stooze with the lusters
I'm up with the rustlers
The plan to manipulate...
For rack... Them roll cab you should have doctor swag
Up early in the morning and I'm poppin tag

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Early Morning Lyrics

Seel Fresh – Early Morning Lyrics

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