Because we invite the peace and tranquility from afar,
It looks like we will have to travel a bit further
Only holding your hand, we cross the freezing night.
Becasue we met when you were hurt with your head hung low,
And if the pain can go away, you can let go;
Because on the dirtied water, there is a beautiful reflection of the moon
That is the story told by pain
Still hesitant to call it love
How long will the nearing star
Show me your dreams in the frozen night
Here, Drawing in memories, unable to keep the gifts
given from the deep warmth of the blue that is sky.
Sharing something, and throwing away something
Like this, together we journey to
the distant frozen sky, somehow believing;
Because, Closer than anyone, futher than anywhere,
Your dreams wont be disappear from memory
That is the story told of pain
Still hesitating to call it love
Because, in the frozen night, in the nearing stars,
I still want only to see your dreams.
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Your Legacy Lyrics

See-Saw – Your Legacy Lyrics