Right, ah yeah
A nigga back at it on top of it all
Like a live in a attic
I live like a addict
No kick in the habit
If love is a war
Fuckin' your friend is collateral damage
I told her to ride, she shiftin' my stick
Like my shit automatic
She think that I play for the magic
I'm ballin', I vanish,
I keep the advantage

Fool for thought,
I wanna keep askin' for carrots
We gettin' this ready and then she say
They lettuce, I swear and go make me a sandwich
Make out with your bich then they all like they bendin'
I'm getting a cut like I banish
Get barber some help for my first time for savage
We run down the forest and said that Atlantis
I'm schoolin' you niggas so WELCOME TO CAMPUS

(Verse 2)

Fuck the weather
She paid and it's mine
I land on my grind
Lookin' for overs that they took my shine
These hoes they stay on my dick they don't stay on my mind
Damn if these girls love Beyonce, and dem hoes love Salanj
If I come thru this eve we can have a Nicki Minaj, ay.

She says she hate me when I'm drunk okay,
Well I drink everyday
She says she wanna smoke with me
Well I just quit today
But I cavin' like okay-dok let's take it
Told got never been too good
When no and less is no
Self-control, here we go

Swim good in that pussy flow,
In backstrokin she got that fix,
Her back broken, mouth closed,
But her mind open, on patron
I need a shot o' rum, I'm so gone
Hit a blunt then I hit her phone
Once again it's (on), once again it's (on),

Today was a good day,
She bad in a good way,
I come correct, I grab her neck,
I come again, it never ends
I take a sip I get dispend
She lay me down I lay her down
All enough, forbidden fruit is pineapples
Please say it loud
Shorty got that killer (bang)
Funny how that get me like
I'm like hold up (cough) let me get this right
If these girls love Beyonce, and dem hoes love Salanj
If I come thru this eve we should have a Nicki Minaj, ayy
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