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Release Lyrics

Sectioned – Release Lyrics

Just because we know we exist
Doesn’t lift us from the ranks of the beasts
Fighting a constant and bitter battle
With our own, overblown egos

Pointless existence

Self-awareness is an illness
This merciless curse
That both frees us from ignorance
But shackles us to the
Constant contemplation of our
Pointless existence

What is man to the ape
Man is the most primitive
He does not know his place
Man exists only as a bridge
To the ubermensch

Pointless existence
Futile efforts
To bring meaning
To this empty life
True strength
Comes from facing
The truth behind their lies

My spirit will burst the shackles on my mind
And rip through the decay of form

You are not my audience
The words of the ubermensch
I will release myself from the burden
Of this life

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