Long ago and far away,
A story you won’t forget.
A sinner and her path to faith,
And how she would become a saint.

Full red lips
Brings you to your knees,
With her smile she charms
She is all you want.

For a price you can
Make her yours,
One night full of lust
Turns your soul to dust.

She's St. Thais,
Gorgeous courtesan.
With her charms,
She will make you lose your mind.
If you pay she will grant your wish,
She will do, anything you please.

One day a monk goes to her
To make her repent her ways,
But he was already late,
To god her soul she has pledged.

Every night
She goes to her knees,
But this time she prays
Of her sins repents.

Into church
She has been embraced,
Because she has proved
She has changed her ways.
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St.Thais Lyrics

Sechem – St.Thais Lyrics