Just gimmie da light yo yo
Just gimmie da light dutty aye Seana Paul yo yo

Just gimmie da light and start the show
Bust another baca limon
Gal dem inna mi sight and I gat to kno
Which one is gonna catch my flow
'cause I'm inna di vibez I and I gat my dough
Bust anotha baca limon
Gal dem lookin hype and I gat to kno

Could I be your protector
Your buff in every sector
Every man around wan turn your inspector
But ya nah let dem sweat ya
Na grill ya wit no lecture
Bout dem power drill
Or the fuel injector
Dem a infector disease collector
Nuff a dem a gwanlike dem wan come wreck ya
Dun out da part what ya got to knaw ya center
But ya know yall not let the guy there affect ya

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 2:]
One, two, three, four, five a dem
Situation gettin really live again
Gal dem wan fi hang out wit di players and di rider dem
Beside of dem and dem say dem tired of the liars dem
Friars and conivers will neva eva get inside of dem
Dem clyder dem especially the money hider dem
Watchie Watchie gal but dem fi try make a bride outa dem
Denied again some of dem a move like a spider man
Gal dem say dem nah open wide again

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat verse 1]
[Repaet chorus]
[Repeat verse 2]
[Repeat chorusx2]
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Gimmie Da Light Lyrics

Sean Paul – Gimmie Da Light Lyrics