I'm raw baby
Fuck yeah I'm raw baby
I'm a lion hear me roar baby
When I'm lying in you raw/roar baby
Let me know, cause I got that dope if you want that high bitch I got that
High if you want that dope
And I know you don't smoke but I'm a getchu high I'm a getchu high I'ma
Getchu close I'ma take those clothes
I'ma take them off and I'm a getchu high, I'ma be your dealer you'll be my
Fiend ima getchu by

I'm not a drug dealer,
No ma'am, but my love is like cocaine
My love is like cocaine, I'm the motherfucking dopeman
And I can getchu half an ounce of this dope dick
I can getchu half an ounce I can be your dope fix

Let me know
Pouring a drank, watching the girl, thinking she thick,
Watching her dance, all on the floor, taking a flick
Shorty wassup, go with the flow. Hang with the click
Then come to the pad, take off your clothes and plank on this dick

Then lower your guard, and while you at that girl let go of your scars, now
You involved
Now you in love with the man the want, now you in love with the man that
You want
Yeah, stack of the cash, wrapped in a band, slapped on that ass, yeah how
Does it feel, yeah, tell me. How does it. Feel, yeah

Dope boy with that dope dick
Overdose on my dope bitch
Dope nigga my dope is,
Potent. Nigga, No shit.
Nigga Dope in, dope out.
Bad bitch in my dope house.
Fucked up, I roll in, then I roll out, I'm gone bitch.

All tens in my clientele, triple beam on that fat ass.
Racks in no racks out, all cash too them fat stacks
Dopeman of my city, she got a man but he sucks
He be thinking she virgin, and I be thinking he nuts

Dope fix dope boy, d-boy with that dope shit
Fuck the world hoe deep throat hoe deep throat my dope dick
Dope bomb. Leon, never be on no hoe shit.
Dope bitch, bet she on, yeah she on my dope shit, my dope bitch,

Coming down I'm with my dope bitch
Po'ing up I'm with my dope bitch
Coming down I'm with my dope bitch

Coming down... Coming down... Po'ing up po'ing up, coming down.
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Cocaine Lyrics

Sean Leon – Cocaine Lyrics

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