(Verse 1)
It's like a fire, blazing up in a place
It'll take you higher, just to get a taste
But if you're quicker, you'll have all the fun
Lets make a movie, we can get it done

Burn it up, burn it up, burn it up, burn it up to take it X2

You got me out here, right now
I'm blazing so hot, right now
The temperature is off
It's 99 or more
We're taking off our clothes
To show a lil more

(Verse 2)
The temperature, it needs to stop
It's getting so hot, going drip drop
You think you're perfect, cause you're at the top
But babe you gotta, gotta burn it up


Lets get naked, just calm me down
Get the ice up, pouring down
A 2nd nature, of people now
Lemme burn it, up to the crowd

(Chorus) X2
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Burn It Up Lyrics

Sean Dempsey – Burn It Up Lyrics

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