The stench of charred remains cascades outward,
Draining life from huddled masses.
Black out the names, forget their faces.
Without a trace, they disappear.
They prayed for this, such intrinsic, beneficial genocide.
This life is so full of possibilities
That we must purge ourselves of this disgrace.
Please wait, perhaps we should think this through.
But you make haste to provide for us all.
This place is hell and can't be ignored.
I hold out hope.
This blatant disregard for human life won't be ignored.
I hold out hope. Such empty promises to your people,
They'll turn on you. Your day of judgment will come.
I felt the burden of demons on my back.
Instead of angels taking me from this.
The screams of children echo from the prison,
Conveying torture and regret.
Make them suffer for their crimes.
The time has come to pay the price.
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Purging Of The Wicked Lyrics

Sea Of Treachery – Purging Of The Wicked Lyrics