I lost sight by coveting, NIGHT CRAWLERS!

Silence your voice
It serves to conquer impassive hearts which suck life
Out of of their humble distorter
It feeds on hope, gave birth to this disorder
Young man, so young
What gives you the right to cast us all to hell

Blood (how to crave it)
Suck it dry, sharpen the fangs to harness the blood
Tell love to retreat to an innocent time

This is the fallout, everyone where has got a bit of radiation sickness
They hide theirs and condemn you for yours, don't let them get away with it!

Don't embrace the fallout (Animal)
She'd your skin, she'd it!
The radiation burns
She'd your skin, she'd your skin, she'd it! (Animal)
They still still watch you so close (let 'em all)
Death defy your death, man
Judgement undertow, it drags you back to sea and pays the debt for life
It's comical...

Listen close
My son if you give in, understand there can be no repentance
By the grace of God.

By the will of faith, you claim your righteousness
And under false pretense, you go to bed with it (you devil)
Claimed God casts a shadow and burns all the children he claims he loves
A poisonous offering to justify your self doubt!

You have lost you will!
To the gallows, marching hand in hand
Walk proud to gallows, marching hand in hand
(They'll send us all) covered in burns, radiation burns
(Be proud! ) night crawlers, night crawlers
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Smokestack Lyrics

Sea Is For Sailors – Smokestack Lyrics

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