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Tattoo Lyrics

SE7EN – Tattoo Lyrics

These days I feel it all, every corner of my mind
Weekends at the mall, Sunday morning calls
Walking through the park, happily as we'd go then
Now I swore we had the nicest times so I
Knew you were the one, you had to be the one
Hoping you and I, would never ever see wrong

Slowly you were hard to see, who wouldn't think I'd worry
You leaving before my eyes
I'm telling you now I cannot lie

*No matter how I try oh~
These memories won't let go
Inside of me, my sorrow and I cannot pretend
It's killing me, you know
Seems like I never find that
Time for moving on
Lords knows I'm only human, can't help what I'm doing
Trying to get by, these memories of my own

So unbelievably, where this can't be happening
We shared too much of us, and love I thought it was
A shame of silly me, for having such a heart of... Care trust and harmony
That's what I'm living for
I see no other road, that's what I've been told
Times I'm feeling now, it wasn't meant to be, no

Slowly and can possibly...
Right now who am I joking
You leaving before my eyes
I'm telling you I cannot, cannot lie


Well now I tell myself I can do it
It won't be easy but I'll get through it
Just look ahead and put the past behind for me
And believe, though my heart's been broken
Everything's gonna be alright


I know I can get by, these memories of my own~
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Songwriters: ROBIN L. CHO, WON JIN SEO
Tattoo lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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