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F.r.e.s.h Lyrics

Scribe – F.r.e.s.h Lyrics

Fresh - forever rhyming eternally saving hip hop
I spell it out for you fresh like when my shit drop
S-C-are-I-B-E, the S-C chilling at the beach playing on my psp
A lot of rappers stunting tryna claim they're the next me
They just fronting yo they know where the best be
And New Britain that's where I got my first house boy
Then I rode threw the east like the Decons (Deceptikonz) in South Aux
I'm self taught, and never selling myself short
Yeah every rhyme every sentence is well thought
And I never say die when and ever we vow for it
Yeah I beat them all off the docks to south pole
Whole life I been living in house corps
With the trap set right outside the mouse doors
And no money but never considered my self poor
Wasn't best dressed but was always so fresh so

F-are-E-S-H Fresh, Fresh, Fresh
My shit is fresh like F to are to E to S to H
Fresh Fresh Fresh, my shit is fresh like
F to are to E to S to H Fresh Fresh Fresh
My shit is fresh like F to are to E to S to H


Fresh like the sound of my voice when the beat drop
Fresh like the smell of the rain on the treetop
Fresh like the snow falling down on the ski slope
Fresh like the sea breeze scented with sea salt
Fresh like tic tacs and the grape flavoured mentos
Fresh like island girls and a whole can of impulse
It's not an insult
Saying I been dope
Since the first time
First rhyme my pen wrote
First verse I rehearsed and then wrote
That's my first work now you thirst my pen strokes
Plus I had to get the extra right
And then the winters started practising for extra night
I put my time into the rhyme to make it extra tight
And now what's really fresher than a pack of extra white
I know there's hope in the words that I'm yet to write
So from now till I exit light
I'm a bring it to ya
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