Celena looks at me and asks me if i know what's on tv
And now she wants to know what's wrong with me
And why I allways have to be so mean.
Celena wants to know, why i never seem to want to go
To all the things her friends are going to
And why we never do what she wants to.
And I can't wait, cause I can't talk to her and make her understand
I'm not the boyfriend that she made herself beleive I was
But celena's brave and celena says, ya celena says i broke her heart
She going to think about all the time she wasted with me and with him.
Celena says she's tired of spending so much of her preacious time
Watchin me while i watch Benny Hill and countin every minute that I kill
Celena says she's young and she deserves to have a little fun
But if that's what celena really thinks
Then I don't understand why she won't leave.
I'm getting tired of seeing her drunken body lying on the stairs,
I've seen the pictures in the paper, you'll know why I'm here
But Celena's brave and Celena says ya Celena says I broke her heart
She's going home to see her mom
And to think of ways that'll make me misersble.
Celena's telling me, my future doesnt't't look to promising
She sits there eating ice cream while she pouts
And wonders why i sleep out on the couch.
Celena looks at me and says I'm not the guy I used to be
I smoke a cigarette and fall asleep
And she continues right on nagging me.
I'm getting married at the
Chappel but, she doesn't seem to care,
I've seen the pictures shown on tv,
You'll Know why I'm here
But Celena's brave and Celena says ya
Celena says I broke her heart, she's going home to see her mom and to think of ways
To make me miserable
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Celena Lyrics

Screeching Weasel – Celena Lyrics