Chaos in the streets of a foreign land
Sitting comfortably at home watching on the television
The war hasn't hit home yet
I'm sure it will soon as the cancer starts to spread
Through your veins, Bleeding red, white and blue
Gas prices are high?
Yeah, well the death toll is too
Economy, foreign policy
A call for peace, Autonomy


Street lights on in the city streets
American flags and the spread of disease
Powell and Rumsfield, The bush administration
From sea to sea,
It's a war between nations

Border lines, the ones you may not cross
Installation, segragation, xenophobia
Division of the world creates greed and police
Defending laws and not the people who put the leaders in place
You are part of the system, Part of their plan
You enlist into an army raped by uncle sam
What's the point of your gun?
Why do bombs fall from the sky?
To consumed with your hatred to ask the questions


What will it take to bring arms down?
What will it take before we all sleep sound?
How many people must die to put an end to a war?
Hear the screams and cries, but it's always ignored.
Had enough with the system, enought with the hate
I use every bit of my heart to retaliate
I reject their way of life and crimes against mankind
Breaking the chains and taking back what's mine

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War Between Nations Lyrics

Screams Of Christ – War Between Nations Lyrics