[Chorus: Scrub 4x]
Why of a parts
[Chorus: Scrub]
Hell, [?]
N the head of a war
[Mr. Boy]
Planet what is the night of the sawed off-AK 234'
A gimma, is the back of the right
I word that, plannin' of a death
The knife of a evil, is a diggin diggin sawed
Bo go' save again, death is over
You a 718' is a AK-718'gomer
You dust of a nigga nigga diggin diggin
AK-718' diggin diggin bloody body missed last of wrong turn
A girl of a murder, a girl of a murder
You a murder, a mission murder
Nigga nigga, shit of a AK-33'
300' you a based of evil body if a victim
Bald spot never heard, yo
Once again,???? no ??????
You gonna last AK-718'
You a ????????, ??????????
Of a war, ?????????
You are a fucking all the ??????
1ill, 2ill, 3ill, 4ill, 5ill, 6ill, 7ill, 8ill, 9ill, nigga
You ????????????
Dis nigga 4 head ??????????
[Karim Kaloga]
Nigga stay of the killa ??????????????
You ass shiny, ???????, the scrub
????? I don't stay ??????? cause stay
????????? no way ?????????????
Alive, alive, ????????????????????????????????????????????
Flatline ???????????
?????????????? alive
And lamb
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Of A War Lyrics

Scream Thugs-A-Hair – Of A War Lyrics