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Fear Thy Neighbor Lyrics

Scream At The Sun – Fear Thy Neighbor Lyrics

You're scared alone and hiding in your home
Feel the dark conspire
You've lost your faith
You close your eyes, and slumber you desire
The obscure consumes
Fear thy neighbor
Why do you tremble?
Why do you weep?
Close your eyes and pretend to sleep
... And I desire
I sneak in
Without being seen
No one will ever hear you scream
... Your life is over
Fear thy neighbor

Look in my eyes
And see the fire burning cold
It's a lonely road
A burden I carry all my own

I wear the badge of fear
I need control when you're here

I fool all with my disguise
Lurking, hiding there somewhere in the dark

I move just a little closer
Dizzy feel I'm slipping standing at the edge
This is what I said
Fear thy neighbor

With a mask and a guise of sanity
Calls to the voice inside my head
Fear thy neighbor
The urge grows stronger can't deny it any longer
Soon you'll all be dead
Fear thy neighbor

This power is like no other
The need to sadistically dominate
It won't go away, today
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