Diamonds and pills
Will always be fine.
But I need you,
More than anything.

Pent house suite,
Italian wine,
I need love
More than anything.

Designer clothes,
Accounts over shores,
I need a hug
More than anything

Satin sheets
Skin that glows,
I need a kiss
More than anything

My broken shadow
Lays awake,
True Love's all I'll ever crave.

You can Take my bones,
Or Have my soul,
I'll pay absoultely anything

Crystal Chandeliers,
Hang from my tears,
I need touched more than anything.

I drink and smoke,
Chase highs on coke.
If you don't come,
I'll kill your everything

Diamonds and pills,
Will always be fine,
But I need Love more than anything
I'm all alone,
Why won't you call,
I gave you my all and everything

I guess your done,
And I'm not the one
I warned you once,
I'll kill your everything
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I Need Love (More Than Anything) Lyrics

Scott McGoldrick – I Need Love (More Than Anything) Lyrics