You can live in a castle
Or a kingdom by the sea
And still be as sad
As anyone can be
But you'll find that bit of heaven
That you're always dreaming of
If you live in a house of love

You may have fame and fortune
Precious gems of untold worth
And still be as poor
As any person on this earth
But you're rich with peace and blessing
And you'll glow like stars above
If you live in a house of love

It is easier
To pass a camel
Through a needle's eye
Than for some men to enter
Heaven's portal
So build your house of love
Before the years can pass you by
For love alone can make a man immortal

Don't be fooled
By the glitter
Of the things one buys for gold
The best things in life are things which aren't bought or sold
You will find your heart as peaceful
As a calm and gentle dove
If you live in a house of love
If you live
In a house
Of love
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A House Of Love Lyrics

Scott Garrett – A House Of Love Lyrics

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