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Mannequin Lyrics

Scott Clifton – Mannequin Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You make this look so good like it's nothing at all
Who wouldn't have you
You hide your heart so nobody sees it at all
Why would they need to
Don't you start thinking that I would start wait around as long as I'm breathing
And hey look I've got one foot out the door
And we've been here before, but you

Love like a mannequin
Cute, all American
Smooth, steady, and you can not hardly move
You're like glass for a sinner
The life now, but I can tell you're not the one
You're the one to compare them all to

[Verse 2:]
You talk so much, so long, so they don't need to know
What you've been thinking
You leave your light on even with nobody home
As if it's the same thing
I don't know what's inside of you
But it ain't no more than a view from a mirror
And hey look you're not brand new anymore
But you knew that before, so you


Like a smile on your face
It will be erased
It will chip and peel away
But don't let it go to waste
Keep it safe
Hold it in, this is how it begins
But you'll never be more than a mannequin
And don't you dare lie to me now
This is all that you are, and it's all you'll be
You're not the vaccine, you're the disease
And you do as you please, 'cause you

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