We talk in circles
Minutes turn into hours
Hours seem to fade into days

We seem to know
All the answers to our questions
It's pride that seems to stand in our way

As we stare into a void
That could rule out our tomorrow
We're questioning the facts
Could we be saved?

Cause I promised I would love you
Forever and a moment
Forever and an hour
Forever and a day

Couldn't we work till we believed it
Hold on till we got through this
Try a little a harder
And not surrender everything?

Cause there was a time I thought
We'd make it through this
There was a time I thought we were stronger

There was a light in me
With infinite possibilities
But now the light seems to be fading

As we stare out into a world
That we forgot that existed
The truth remains
There's nothing left to say

And all these pieces on the ground
We left these pieces all around
A little shred of hope
To keep us close together

I never dreamed of being free
I would have fought for everything
I never thought that we could ever learn to surrender

And I could have loved you
Forever and a moment
Forever and an hour
Forever and a day

We could have tried to make it stronger
Worked 'til we got through this
Tried a little harder
But we surrendered everything
We surrendered everything
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Surrender Lyrics

Scott Alan – Surrender Lyrics