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ScHoolboy Q – Hip Hop Lyrics

Makes me feel so good
I'm always gonna happy and excited
(DJ Ill Will)

[Verse 1: ScHoolboy Q]
Uh, I thank God for this hip hop
[?] runnin through my [?]
Little man on the block, kept my hand in the pot
Lyrically my life changed [?]
Poetry? No, it's me
Rolled it and I quoted
Expression my expressions reminiscing how I sold it
Lean back with my feed, up more tracks to beat up
Get up in the booth and [?] you know I eat up
Screaming out my section, [?]
Heard about my name - right
Gotta get my mic tight
Rehearsin' my verses, all sounding like curses
Truth like churches, more crack to purchase
Nigga [?] cooco
Every track is voodoo
Getting every dollar, my nigga you know how I do
Life of a menace in a rap
Music got me trap like I'm captured
Listen to the chapters

[Bridge: Ab-Soul]
Listen to the chapters, nigga!
I feel great

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
But I'm caught in between stopping goals
Like a red octagon or a green globe
I wish [?] on a [?]
I'm deep your only [?]
Larry, [?] asshole Ab-Soul
I know I'm personally, he get to[?]
Yeah he does, kick it ugly as a [?]
[?] like a funk master [?]
[?] hot '97 [?]
I stand tall above my [?]
And I'm cooler than Jamaicans runnin' [?]
Soul and Q, bring your whole crew
TOP is it inside her, gettin' every dollar

Makes me feel so good
I'm always gonna happy and excited

[Verse 3: ScHoolboy Q]
Uh, yo I'm back my nigga - fuck it!
Hey Soul spit a rap my nigga [?]
Hoes never trust it, Top Dawg [?]
Gettin' every dollar [?]
Fresh out the crack[?]
Sharper than a needle, bomb like torpedo
Nigga flow ill, rhyme tighter than a speedo
Never with the [?], fresh dressed [?]
[?] got that allergy [?] kleenex
Life of a menace in a rapper
Since first grade been a factor
Never been an actor

Makes me feel so good
I'm always gonna happy and excited

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