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Feelin Myself Lyrics

ScHoolboy Q – Feelin Myself Lyrics

Ladies, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to
One of the greatest cats that I ever met in my life
One of the coolest cats
One of the cockiest cats I ever met in my life actually

[Verse 1]
Wake up I'm feelin myself, no homo just promo oh how the flow go
Easily de bueno how to make it cooler in this bitch when the chain glow
Hand in the air nigga just to let the ring show chips (?) pringles, Working on the single
Yeah it's comin soon niggas better be Platoon
Droppin bombs in this bitch niggas better clear the room
Murder murder out soon
Kill kill is what I will
Gotta keep it hella ill to make you motherfuckers snill
Still giving hoes the chills
Cause I'm cooler than the AC with the wind blowing
See Cali you been snowing
Nifty 50 kizu
Made it out the cizu
Ran through the jungle now a nigga hella humble
Money in the bundles
Swagger on another rate gettin cake
Gettin hate
Still a nigga feelin great

You see I'm feelin myself
Came up from nothing now a nigga steady stunting
Because I'm feelin myself
Everybody knows that I'm getting the dough
You see I'm feelin myself
Niggas getting high see the limit the sky
Because I'm feelin myself
Did I ever mention that I'm cool nigga?

[Verse 2: Punch]
Flow sicker than most
I'm so considered to blow quicker
Than most of these rap niggas with no figures
Pardon my pretentiousness and no offense but
You know you in a league that you got no business in
The way I put together sentences should have been a sin
Genocide most the lambs murdered by Christians then
Many gems drippin over the airwaves
So get a pen
Write it down
As I convey to you why I am him
The sovereign lord of recording
Niggas want the future now so your verse they fast forwarding it
Ok I'm feelin myself, you see the confidence
I took it a level higher
It's more like common sense
And since I ain't got nothing in common with dudes outside of rhyming
I'mma sit and study timin, in alpaca slippers
Fly dapper niggas
Spilling my drink while I'm laughing at these action figures


[Verse 3]
Q nigga
Brain damage from this young menace
Mentis, you can play the apprentice

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