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Ezell [40 Glocc Killa] Lyrics

ScHoolboy Q – Ezell [40 Glocc Killa] Lyrics

Shut your mouth
Bum ass nigga still talking
Keep your mouth shut Ezell
I hear you now
Pussy ass nigga

[Verse 1: ScHoolBoy Q]
Word on the street that this nigga still talking
Whole year later and this nigga start barking
Howling at the moon, guess he waiting for the get back
Knows that when I see him, guaranteed I push your shit back
Say you want beef?
Well I'm a give your ass beef
When I see you in the streets, nigga bon appetit
I don't eat?
You know where I be 51st Street
Right on Figg with the little homie
Hoover Spank 3
With my nigga Flossy and my nigga Ricky
I ain't stopping with this rapping till my niggas scrap free
They gave him 42 for shootin niggas out in broad day
Really with this crippin think I care bout what this fraud say
Out burnin dina with my nigga El Camino
Just look to see your lil homie flexin
Hit the freeway cuz your hood a 100 miles away
Exit 51st nigga welcome to the turf

Tone it down my nigga
Cuz I'll be ridin through ya town my nigga
I be around my nigga
Hoover St yeah you know my stompin grounds my nigga
Youtubin' ass nigga
False-banging pussy old faggot ass nigga
Spray ya block with ya own name
Nigga I am no game
This nigga must think I'm playin'

[Verse 2: ScHoolBoy Q]
See I ain't wanna have to call this nigga out
Male version Supahead every rapper in his mouth
You never gettin bread shoulda chose the next route
Cuz I'm pickin niggas off best believe you receive
Every thing I'm sayin at you like an email
Look into my eyes you can see hell
Went to jail made bail never gave a detail
Inform ass nigga, you the new rapper Ezell
Me I be a Figel, Castro, groovy lookin ?
You can ask Ace I'm in the hood gettin cash flow
Potato on the mag, niggas gettin mashed yo
Messin over all y'all, fuck y'all all broad
Pussy ass nigga, g-strings on with large bras
Need to check yo lil homie cuz his ass paused
If I whup ya ass it'd probably be a hate crime
This the last diss, already killed ya ass the first time


[Outro: ScHoolBoy Q]
Look first and foremost nigga you's a bitch nigga
Hidin out in the IE nigga, holla at me when you LA nigga
Nigga holdin guns to the camera like the camera goin shoot back
Niggas don't put guns Youtube nigga what the fucks yo problem nigga yousa faggot nigga
You and that naked ass nigga oiled up talkin bout real niggas knuckle up
Nigga you ain't even scrapped enough bitch
You know where I be at 51st and Fig you need that nigga, get at me one time nigga
Top Dawg ENT getting every dollar I see I'm the head nigga of that GED shit nigga
You want Tyga nigga you gotta come to me nigga that's my little brother nigga talkin you wanna fight Wayne nigga
Nigga Wayne all the way in New Orleans nigga the fuck you wanna do with Wayne nigga leave Wayne alone nigga come down to LA with all that bullshit nigga
You ain't killed nothing you ain't did nothing nigga
What's yo rap sheet nigga? All you got is a rap sheet nigga cuz yousa bitch nigga
Snitch ass nigga got yo whole hood in a junction now
Nigga's can't even kick it in they hood because of you nigga
Cuz you want to spread yo mothafuckin words on this Youtube shit
Holdin big ass guns on Youtube like niggas is scared of Youtube or somethin'
And oh yea all you faggot ass niggas that bout to comment on this nigga, go head drop ya comment in the comment box, fuck you too nigga and fuck yo momma too
Hatin' ass nigga, fuck 40 Glocc nigga and his whole squad nigga, Top Dawg ENT, ScHoolboy Q said it nigga
Meet me in the Fig and the First nigga

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