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Evil Lyrics

ScHoolboy Q – Evil Lyrics

[Intro Sample: Blizzard from the movie Juice]
"Don't look at me goddammit!
Ayo Q, you want a piece of this?"

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]
City filled with this filthy air
Evil pump in my blood, how dare you to stare
Never felt fair, no room for a tear
Come on dump, don't give a fuck if the coast clear
Jacket cover the ratchet, pants hang to my calf
Burner over the ab, sendin' shots under your jab
You really wanna diss me?
Believe it like Ripley when I'm off the fifth of whiskey
Damaging my kidney, I wish a nigga tempt me
Then it's all bad, leave his parents all sad
Cops with a mystery, murderin' ain't shit to me
This a killing symphony, my nigga, for real
I still keep the weapon concealed, body will spill
Hollow tips stuck in your grill, give a fuck how you feel
Tired of resisting this murder addiction
Fuck a conviction, bust shots, slaughter conviction
Lucifer soul, my temperature cold
Eyes blood shot, throwin up blood clots, body in shock
I need me a doc, but I figure I'm too sick
Fuck it, adrenaline pumping may lead in to something
Assumption on life is still, livin' a trife
Asthmatic causing havoc, keep spazzin' til my brain get damaged
Still remain most scandalous, that bang hammers
Fuck surveillance, shit, murk in front of cameras
Dump 'em in the sand like tan or big blands
More grammar shit, I'm the illest motherfucker

Verse 2: [Kendrick Lamar]
Splash blocks like Dikembe when I sensai, who wanna shoot?
The liquor hear me, I'm off the Remy like Papoose
I got the truths of a thousand bishops
Troops of a thousand niggas, you can get your ass missing
Like a white bitch with big tits to be specific
I'm over they heads when the words get pledged
Fright night, gun tucked tight like a newborn
Dance with the Devil, hopefully you get your groove on
When I blaze this medal
Like a rolling stone, flesh and bones come out
Like a thug reunion, watch yall dumb out
Most likely, half of you fraudulent niggas don't like me
Scared to fight me even if you had hands just like me
K Dot, bare arms like a haltertop
Live from the barbershop, who want a fade?
Who want war? I got a drawer full of hand grenades
Take it back to them Contra days, so fall back
It's real, off cognac, and pills, we twist caps then peel
Bananas with the hammers, play if you will
A bullet proof for a shield, that won't work
I got big big very big big bullets, and they hurt
Lift up your skirt if you play pussy, don't push me, I'm light
You pushing up daisies, if the pump do a push up tonight
I put, I put a new price on your head, like a mannequin dressed well
Students from Harvard can hear the nigga Yale
I'm cold hearted, oh well
I get's retarded, the yellow bus I'm a park it
In front of your house, hop out, gun in ya mouth (Blakka!)
Duck shows in your peek hole, me and my Hoover crip
But all I bang is your bitch, don't get me twist
Let's do this, I'm ludicrous, disturbing the peace
Pacing back and forth like a stewardess, it's plain to see
Da Evils

[Outro: Bishop (2Pac) discussing Blizzard's death from Juice]
"If you gotta go out, that's how you go out!
That motherfucker took his destiny in his own hands!"

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