Can’t you imagine?
How it’ll be?
We’ll ding our axes,
Knights of Bad-assery.

[Ned (spoken)]
That's in the past, Dewey.

Decked out in leather

[Ned (spoken)]

Six strings ablaze.

[Ned (spoken]
Remember the rush man,
Just like the good old days.
Crowd caught in steaming, everybody's screaming.
Dude, we were monsters of rock.
Framed in the spotlight, basking in the hot light.
We were stinking giants of rock.
Teenagers raving, lighters up and waving, just ‘cause we’re titans of rock.
Oh oh fingers shaking, we're legends in the making.
Why? Cause we’re Children Of Rock.
Picture the mayhem

I see it all!

Maggot Death Mania
Fans going off the walls!

Amps overloading, energy exploding.
Us, being monsters of rock.

Place feeling hectic, atmosphere electric.
Dude, we’ll be giants of rock.

Hey hey dimming reeling, don’t ya miss the feeling.
We can be titans of rock.

Full throttle jamming, hardcore body slamming.
Death metal Children Of Rock.

And when it’s over

One mighty roar

10,000 voices, begging for just one more!
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Variation 7 / Children Of Rock Lyrics

School Of Rock Musical – Variation 7 / Children Of Rock Lyrics