I smell the fish and all the sedatives,
You know by now I sold my life for this
You cop a feel and all the layers peel,
We disengage and crumble up the page

Throw the hot oil in my face,
Systematically erase everything we tried to be
Why does it have to be so complex?
Mathematicians are perplexed
Maybe you're just oversexed

We used to be a ball of energy,
Before the war cut out the heart from me
We might collide and watch the core just die

Maybe I'm just paranoid,
You stole my money so I stole your beer
You never had the right to steer
Confiscate my talisman,
Super powers deep within
To medicate your only friend

I'm a void, I'm a hypercardioid,
Cracked open like a toy
And better yet, I'm stinking with regret,
My master was my pet
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We Might Collide Lyrics

Schatzi – We Might Collide Lyrics