You got boy'd,
You shouldn't have that,
If that was me man,
I wouldn't have that,
Yeah back in the day,
Manz woulda had that,
Not sayin' nuthin man,
That's how yuh get yourself jacked,

You got boy'd,
You shoulda had that,
In front of your girl too,
Now that's just whack,
Yuh need tuh do somethin',
Don't take that,
Hold his back,
Put it to your knee,
And I break that.

{Verse 1}
Me and my Reggie ridin through budgers park,
We had to make anotha quick trip to,
His cousins house,
Two boys approached us,
And we didn't even realize,
That our bikes got jacked,
And at that time,
Yo we run street wise... Shit dude that's all I remember, fuck man just ask him, I'm kewl with scarz i'll ask him
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You Got Boy'd Lyrics

Scarz – You Got Boy'd Lyrics

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