Heartlessly abandoned
At the highest peaks of chaos
Staring at the only path
My only path goes nowhere
A loss so overshadowed, so in vain
An atom spiraling through darkyears of pain
I'm on my way to meet hell deep below
Gracefully I am devoured
I see her break and crush and bastardize
Sudden escape from the upheaval
Leaves like porcupines pierce her skin
Soft, warm juices pour on my palms
Her contagious sensual mystique
Overwhelms me
I can't assimilate
Just cannot comprehend
This Essence Heaven-Sent
Outbalanced and painless
I sparkle with my empress
In an Essence Heaven-Sent
(I simply long to feel
What's too true to be real)
I must meet hell down deep inside
To break and crush all the inherent lies
Together we'll untie the vast intrigues
Together... We will control our lives!
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Heaven-Sent Lyrics

Scarve – Heaven-Sent Lyrics