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Alpha Female Lyrics

Scarlette – Alpha Female Lyrics

Hard and eager that is my nature
Confidence is my biggest vice
Who are you to judge my behaviour,
Just because I never ever compromise

I call the shots, I am the ringleader
You know I will speak up my mind
Joan of Arc, she fought for her freedom
But nothing holds me down until I get what’s mine...

I was born to be loud, let’s get rowdy right now!

I'm a street fighter, a warrior queen
I'mma cause a riot if you mess with me
On fire all night and all day
He-e-eey! I'm an Alpha Female!

Fearless, I’m second to none
Not a single battle that I haven't won
Back off now cuz I’m here to stay
He-e-eey! I’m an Alpha Female!

Oh I love to get boys distracted
Girls they want to be my best friends
Enemies never resurrected
Don't you underestimate my seventh sense
I’m not your darling, I’m not impressed
If you think I’m yours, I don’t give a damn
Cuz cheap talk will not get me undressed
I pick and choose my things because I know I can

I was born to be loud, yeah getting rowdy right now!

I’m a 21st century girl, yeah...
Ain’t gon’ kick it till I rule the world (oh no! )

I was born to be la-la-la-la loud, Gettin' rowdy right now... nooooow!

(Chorus repeat)

I I I I'm an Alpha Female x3
I'm an Alpha Female!
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