I'm not a vicious person
But you bet I know what's right
I'm here to teach you how to drive
To help you see the light

I'll fix your driving problems
No matter what they are
You'll find out just what I mean
When you drive behind my car

I am what I am
I am Volvo Man

Drive in the fast lane
30 km below the legal limit
I'll beep my horn at a stationary car
Even though there's no-one in it

I have my lights on high beam
Even though it is not dark
I'll muck around, confuse you
And then I'll take your park

I am what I am
I am Volvo Man

I slow down at every intersection
Regardless of the color of the lights
There's airbags on the left hand side
And there's airbags on the right

I put my blinker on two minutes
Before I turn into a street
My car alarm will sound all night
If you come within 50 feet

I am what I am
I am Volvo Man
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Volvo Man Lyrics

Scared Weird Little Guys – Volvo Man Lyrics

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