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Hard Times Lyrics

Scabs – Hard Times Lyrics

I gave you a hard time, I told you the news
there's no "I'm sorries" 'cause there ain't no excuse
the things I've been doin', the things that I say
the road to ruin between you and me

my reasons for cheating, I don't know what to say
maybe it's nature, havin' its way
you know that I love you, but that's easy to say
you'd make me proud of you if you would stay

I promised you sunshine, I promised you you'd be all mine
instead of the good times, a killer came and took your heart away

I gave you hard times, baby
I told the truth and lies

I was silly believing my lies could last
'cause sooner or later the rumour would spread
I often wonder how the things would be
if you hadn't found out the truth about that girl and me

can't promise you sunshine, can't promise you you'll be all mine
I'll try to be honest, unlike the first time it won't slip my mind

repeat chorus

I look out the window, I watch the street kids grow
life was so easy when I was that old
there were no lies and no things to be told
just lullabies and time to grow old
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