I should have called you up
I shouldn't have left you by yourself
I should have you run you down
I should have let you have your way
I shouldn't have beaten you black and blue
That was the meanest thing to do
But you know you were teasing me
You were pushing me over the edge
(CHORUS) Still we are only halfway

home (x3)
But I'm not gonna change my point ofview
That will be the last thing that I do
I made mistakes, I was wrong
Even though my arguments were
And I was walking on thin ice
Every step I took I thought twice
So if we don't meet again
I hope we can still be friends
I knew I couldn't face you right away
I was wrong but anyway
I'm waiting here by the phone booth
Trying to look up to the truth
And although it's freezing cold
This coin's too hot to hold
I just don't know what to say or do
Should I say I'm sorry, should I phone you?
Halfway home, halfway home...
You know I'm only halfway home...
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Halfway Home Lyrics

Scabs – Halfway Home Lyrics